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Seling Point / About sngDESIGN

   sngDESIGN is the Okinawa-based design firm in Japan and known for structural engineering design and have a high reputation for it. The structural engineering is our strong point and that is the reason why we are distinct from other firms.

   Here’s what we can do with structural engineering.


   The structural engineering accounts for 30% to 40% of building cost.

   ; The structural services that sngDESIGN offers the plan with not only conventional method of construction also up-to-date structuring method which costs less.

   - Very effective especially when the building site, ground and architectural conditions require unusual conditions.

   - A lower cost house with distinctive inventions on structural design.

2)Increasing utility; reducing a dead space behind the door, wastefully large pillar.

   We deliver a design flexibly that is productive and efficient for its owners while ensuring safety.

3)Increasing flexibility of building design technique and renovation method

   We can expand the design possibility of the house with structural calculations. For instance, being able to add a new room on the one-story house, tear down a wall and enlarge a room while ensuring safety and efficacy.

4)Upgrading design

   At least a structural designer is involved in the process of building the stylish houses that had been featured in magazines. A frame of a house(structure) is absolutely a fashion model in the architecture. We’re right where you need us who are specialists on the structure. sngDESIGN offers the best super model like structure for each house.

Our values

   We keep re-evaluating and improving our approach to plan the basic building structure and our goal is that to produce the solutions for each clients and meet their expectations.

   Even your idea seems to be unrealistic, there are many cases that our clients’ wishes became reality. Please don't hesitate to contact us and we are very happy to serve you.

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