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Shima-churara/Architecture/1F/RC/Okinawa, Japan

Shima-churara(Agriculture Shop)

one-story shop/Reinforced Concrete/Okinawa, Japan

   How do I build a bridge to the future? I needed to give more thought about Okinawa- how to expnessress it through architectural design. (design development-site supervision)

Grand Blue/jewelry shop/Architecture/1F/RC/Okinawa, Japan/JIA Award 100

Grand Blue(Jewelry Shop)

one-story shop/Reinforced Concrete/Okinawa/JIA Award 100

   It looks like some circular structures are overlapping one another. By designing the structure had created a simple yet captivating contemporary jewelry shop.

Go-Around House/Architecture/1F/RC/Okinawa, Japan

Go-Around House

one-story house/Reinforced Concrete/Okinawa, Japan

   The owner of the house and I started to look for a site together. To bring the best out of the unusual site conditions, I designed the house that makes you want to go around and around to it.

Twin Box House/Architecture/1F/RC/Okinawa, Japan

Twin Box House

one-story house/Reinforced Concrete/Okinawa, Japan

   A first priority of designing the house was that how to ensure of owner’s privacy in the residential area and the twin box was absolutely perfect for that. The Twin Box created an open, delightful and peaceful atmosphere in the living space.

Steel House/Architecture/1F/Steel/Okinawa/Good Design Award

Steel House

one-story house/Steel/Okinawa/Good Design Award

   The budget was 14 million yen. I looked at every possible way to enrich the living space for the family with a tight budget. I came to the conclusion that using steel to expand an effective area is the best solution for the project. It’s not too much to say that the design of the house is a must-see masterpiece!

Life with Cats/House/Residence/Architecture/1F/Steel/Okinawa/Good Design Awrd,YouTube

Life with Cats

one-story house/Steel/Okinawa/Good Design Awrd,YouTube

   The house that is incorporating limestone into it as an interior. In the house, you can see the ingenious ideas everywhere for their dearest cats. click here to see adorable cats.

Pain de Kaito(bakery)/interior design/Okinawa, Japan

Pain de Kaito(bakery)

interior design/Okinawa, Japan

   The white-themed and wood-fired oven like interiors are creating a sophisticated atmosphere in the shop. The oven-fresh bread has been baked with all owner’s heart and handled with care.

Bonne Chance(Pastry shop)/interior design, Nago-city, Okinawa

Bonne Chance(Pastry shop)

interior design, Nago-city, Okinawa

   The owner had a pastry cook training in mainland Japan and this is the shop he always dreamed of. He fulfilled his wishes with the store interiors which are white-themed plaster walls and the ceilings carved into roundly.

Relaxing on the Stairs/Architecture/House/redsidence/1F/RC/Okinawa, Japan

Relaxing on the Stairs

one-story house/Reinforced Concrete/Okinawa, Japan

   This was the fun case that took advantage of disadvantage of the site by creating the wide stair space in the living room that is a perfect place for the family to sit and relax.

The ZigZag House/Architecture/Residence/1F/RC/Okinawa, Japan

The ZigZag House

one-story house/Reinforced Concrete/Okinawa, Japan

   The site is located on a hill and has a view of the ocean. In combination with the unique site conditions and owner’s requests created the meandering designed house plan.

Tunnel House/Architecture/Residence/2F/RC/Okinawa, Japan

Tunnel House

two-story house/Reinforced Concrete/Okinawa, Japan

   The site was long and narrow shape. Due to the its surrounding, the house needed to be ensured privacy from neighbors. The brilliant idea of tunnel like structure resolved all the problems; daylight, ventilation, privacy from public.